• Keystone Place

    Keystone Place is a charming late 19th-century building that has been beautifully restored into one of Knoxville's most prestigious downtown addresses.

  • Sandstone Court

    The Courtland Group has reclaimed this beautiful structure and has redeveloped it for those who want the ultimate urban lifestyle. Sandstone Court, named for the building's spectacular Tennessee sandstone façade, has become one of downtown Knoxville's premier addresses.

  • North Central Village

    Within walking or riding distance of downtown and adjacent to Fourth & Gill and Old North Knoxville historic neighborhoods, the recently restored condominiums offer contemporary amenities with the charm of a historic building.

  • The Crown & Goose

    Knoxville’s first authentic London Gastropub and raw oyster bar, conveniently located downtown in Knoxville's Old City.

  • Old City Parking Lot

    Free parking for Crown & Goose patrons. Business and Monthly Rates Available.

  • Patricia Nash

    Brand Concept Store and Office Headquarters

Welcome to The Courtland Group ~ Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development.

It’s not often that Knoxville is compared to London, but that was Courtland Group founder Jeffrey Nash’s first thought when he came to Knoxville in the late 1990s.

Having spent two decades reclaiming historic warehouses and factories and converting them into residential homes in East London, Jeffrey understood the value of restoring those structures that provide the charm and character of neighborhoods. In the 1970’s East London was a page straight from a Dickens novel – a bleak district marked by decaying and abandoned buildings. Through the efforts of the Courtland Group and others, today East London is a vibrant urban district filled with shops, homes, restaurants and people.

With redevelopment efforts just beginning as he arrived in Knoxville, Jeffrey saw the potential to take the same successful approach he refined in London – find small, unique historic buildings nestled amidst the larger structures under development, or those buildings just outside the redevelopment spotlight, and restore their historic luster while integrating contemporary amenities.

The Courtland Group’s first Knoxville project, the Old City’s Downtown Diner, was a tool to learn the city’s redevelopment guidelines and practices. Subsequent historic renovation projects include the Old Knoxville Business College, now known as Keystone Place; Sandstone Court, an upscale residential development; North Central Village is a restored 1930’s structure; an executive mixed use development on the 100 Block of Gay Street and the Crown & Goose and apartments in Knoxville’s Old City.

The Courtland Group retains offices in Knoxville and partners with like-minded architects to uncover and restore the city’s hidden treasures that will leave their mark for years to come.